Mission Statement of the Social Justice Committee

We, the Social Justice Committee of the Saint Therese’s Parish Community, are called to build God’s kingdom of peace and justice as a way of life in our parish community and in the entire earth community, according to Catholic Social Teaching.

What is the Social Justice Committee

Catholic Social Teaching is one of the best kept secrets in the Catholic Church. The Social Justice Committee promotes Catholic Social Teaching within the parish community and beyond through what is often referred to as “The Two Feet of Christian Service.” Walking on one foot is not enough.

One “foot” is direct service such as collections of food and other items for the local food bank, migrant workers, etc.; hosting the men of V.I.S.I.O.N; the Giving Tree at Christmas; sale of carnations on Mother’s Day to promote ProLife activities, etc. The second “foot” consists of education and advocacy work: our “Coffee and Conversation” educational/advocacy events; sale of Fair Trade products; offering of letters to state and national representatives on issues of peace, justice and care of earth.

Participants find joy in being of service. “The harvest is great, but the laborers are few.” Folks who receive direct service always express gratitude. Members of the parish and beyond who have come to our “Coffee and Conversation” sessions have expressed appreciation for the events. Although we often do not know how our representatives hear us, it is extremely important that we do our part as citizens and let our representatives know how we stand on issues pertaining to peace, justice, and care of the earth.

Faith without works is dead. Works that stand only on “one foot” are inadequate to our troubled times. The Parish can benefit by receiving vital input on Catholic Social Justice issues on a regular basis and they will come alive with the desire to walk on the Two Feet of Christian Justice though the three-fold approach of prayer/worship, learning, and action. We will be living the Gospel more fully, and we hope, be an inspiration to other parishes in the diocese.

Visit the Social Justice Committee’s own webpage for current activities, calendar, library link, and other social justice news, photos, and items of interest.