Pastor’s Page

A Message from Fr. Paisley

Fr. Jim Paisley

Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to Saint Therese’s Parish.

As a community of believers, we welcome you to join us as we celebrate and express our faith in Jesus Christ through worship, ministry and service.

From its humble beginnings in 1928 to the present, Saint Therese’s Church has provided a source of strength, consolation and refreshment for all who live, visit and prayed here. It is that special place where we, as Catholic Christians, gather to discover and share the presence of God within.

We are grateful for all that has been and look forward to all that will be.

We welcome and invite you to join us each week as we celebrate the Eucharistic Feast around the table of the Lord.

May our beloved Patroness, Saint Therese, help us to believe in God’s great love for us so that we might imitate her “Little Way” each day.

God’s Blessings now and always,

Father Jim Paisley